Netflix Free Trial Offer – One Month Free

Netflix Free Trial Offer – New Netflix Customers Can Get One Month Free

Chances are you either have a Netflix account or you’re bumming an account from one of your friends.

If you don’t already have your own account, why not get one month free?

Netflix is the king of streaming services, and it’s easy to see why. Netflix helped my wife and me to ditch our cable service in favor of streaming our favorite shows and movies on Netflix.

And if you’re nostalgic for the feel of Blockbuster, you can still get DVDs delivered to your door with Netflix.

Now you can try Netflix free for one month with a free trial offer using this link: Start your Netflix FREE trial today!.

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Netflix – History

Netflix has set the standard for streaming over the last decade, but it didn’t start out as a streaming service. Let’s rewind to the opening credits, 1997, the year Netflix was founded. Times were different 20 years ago, and movie rentals stole the show.

In an attempt to compete with Blockbuster and other rental stores, a duo of engineers revolutionized the rental process. Rather than going to a store, picking up your flicks and trying your best not to get slapped with a late return fee, you could order DVDs online and have them delivered to your door.

By 1999, you could subscribe to a monthly unlimited rental plan, changing the game for film fans.

Fast forward to 2007. A decade after its inception, Netflix emerged on the streaming scene and its subscriptions skyrocketed.

Skip ahead another decade. In addition to offering a massive library of options, Netflix also produces its own shows and movies, several of which have received Emmy nods and wins.

Netflix – How it Works

Netflix is straightforward, user-friendly, and customized based on your taste in entertainment. Simply create an account, select your plan and payment options and watch your favorite shows from your devices.

You can log in on the website from your computer and use the app on your phone or tablet. You can also access your Netflix account on smart TVs, most of which come with a Netflix app.

Within the app, you can create up to five user profiles on your account. On each profile, you can pick up where you left off on a movie or show, watch it again, leave reviews, and add titles to your watchlist. Netflix’s algorithm then suggests shows and movies for you based on your viewing history and preference.

One of Netflix’s newest and most noteworthy features allows you to download shows or movies while connected to wifi to watch later.

Have you ever found yourself in an endless loop of scrolling through titles in the app?

I have. That’s because Netflix currently has over 500 streamable shows and more than 6,000 movies.

If the movie you’re looking for isn’t available to stream, chances are Netflix has it for rent. With an add-on rental account, you can get the DVD or Blue-Ray of your choice delivered to your door.

Netflix Plans

If you’re the aforementioned friend using your college roommate, friend, or ex’s account, here’s how much they’re paying a month. What you spend each month on Netflix depends on how many people will be using your account. The more you pay, the more screens you get.

Netflix Streaming Video

Here are Netflix’s current plans and rates:

  • Basic Plan: With the Basic Plan, you can stream on one device at a time and download shows and movies to one device. This plan is currently $8.99 a month.
  • Standard Plan: The Standard Plan upgrades your viewing to HD and your number of screens to two at a time, allowing you to download to two devices of your choice for $12.99.
  • Premium Plan: This Ultra HD plan allows you to watch on four screens at any given time and download content onto 4 devices for $15.99 a month.

Netflix – Movies by Mail Plans

Netflix does have another stand-alone movie delivery plan. For $7.99 a month, you can rent one film at a time but get unlimited movies per month. You can get 2 DVDs a time with unlimited movies for $11.99 per month. There are no late fees. You can upgrade your plan from DVD to Blu-Ray for an additional $2 per month.

PlanDVD PriceBlu-ray PriceTotal Discs Per MonthNumber of Discs Out at Once

*Blu-ray movies price plans. Netflix offers Blu-Ray movies for an added fee. The Netflix Blu-ray inventory is continually growing, which is good news for those of you who prefer HD movies.

Netflix Free Trial Offer Details

This free trial is good for one month and is only available to new customers, but you may be able to put the plan in a spouse’s name to get another trial if you have used Netflix before and have since canceled the service.

The best part is – you don’t need to search out a promo code to take advantage of this deal – all you need to do is visit Netflix and start a free trial.

Note: To take advantage of this offer, you need to go to the Netflix site and sign up for one of their subscription plans.

Netflix Alternatives with Free Trials

Back in the day, Blockbuster versus Netflix was the great debate, with Blockbuster Total Access competing fiercely. If you’re under 30, chances are you haven’t even heard of Blockbuster Total Access and have only foggy childhood memories of Blockbuster.

Obviously, we are no longer worried about deciding between the two (rest in peace, Blockbuster).

Here are some of Netflix’s competitors with free trials that might be worth checking out.


Hulu is somewhat different than Netflix. While its volume of full series and movies may be a bit smaller than Netflix, it gives next day access to most recently aired network TV shows, as well as its collection of original shows, which are also critically acclaimed.

Hulu’s basic package comes with ads, with ad-free upgrades available.

With Hulu, you get a 7-day free trial period. After the week is over, you’re going to shovel out $6 a month for the first year.

A special note, if you pay for the basic membership ($6 a month), you’re still going to have ads. If you want to cut the ads, you will have to pay $12 a month.

Visit Hulu for a FREE Trial.

Amazon Video

Amazon has completely changed the way we shop. Now, they are changing the way we watch TV shows and movies.

Amazon Prime isn’t new. Pay every month to get “free” two-day shipping, along with other benefits, including streaming audio, video, online photo storage, free Kindle books, and much more. Amazon Prime is one of the best deals in tech.

Also included in your Prime package is Amazon Video. It’s very similar to Netflix, but with some different options, including a variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content. You can even add premium subscriptions to HBO, Showtime, and other premium channels.

If you want to give Amazon Video a shot, you can redeem a 30-day free trial. If you’re a student, you get to try it for 6 months!


With HBO now, you can access your favorite HBO shows (Game of Thrones, anyone?), or choose from their collection of movies and shows. While the plan costs $15 a month, you can get your first 30-days for free.

HBO Now is a good option if you’re a fan of HBO shows and are blocked from accessing them because you don’t have satellite or cable. The streaming service gives you total access.


DIRECTV NOW comes with a 7-day free trial, sometimes offering 30-day free trial promotions.

With DIRECTV NOW, you can choose from a set of channel packages. There are also tons of options for bundling with Apple TV or Fire TV, each of which come with special promotions. The one-week trial could be enough time for you to decide whether the subscription is right for you.

Sling TV

Sling TV gives you the feel of cable with the flexibility of a streaming service. The platform gives you access to a bundle of channels and allows you to add on others specific to your interests. Some plans run as low as $20.

Sling TV differs from cable in that you can watch your shows whenever and wherever you please. Sling TV currently offers a 7-day free trial period.


Offering 40 channels at rock-bottom pricing, Philo is a great alternative to cable if your focus is on educational, reality, and documentary TV channels. After the 7-day free trial is over you will pay $16 a month for 40 channels with the option to add 9 more channels at $4 each.

Also included with Philo is a 30-day DVR function so you can watch your favorite shows as much as you wish!

To get started, just sign up with your mobile number for the free trial. You’ll need an internet connection, a laptop or you can watch through the app on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire.

GameFly – Video Games & Movies by Mail

GameFly is best known for offering a mail service video game subscription service, much like Netflix did in its early history. GameFly also offers members a wide selection of movies they can borrow as part of their membership. But video gaming is where this service shines, with a library of over 8,000 game titles on all the major gaming platforms.

You can start with a 30-day free trial, after which the plans start at $15.95 per month for one game or movie at a time. You can have two games or movies at a time for $22.95 per month. This is a substantial saving compared to buying a game at roughly $60 for a new release!

You can read our GameFly review for more information on plans, pricing, and features.

Bottom Line

Streaming saves money and gives you unmatched access to TV shows and movies from the past and present.

If you’re still on the fence about locking into a plan, take advantage of free trial periods. With our free Netflix trial, you can give the platform a try and save money doing it.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today, check out the other free trials above, and stream away